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021 797 8010
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Vision & Mission Statement

Our School

At Sunlands, we cultivate self discplined and motivated learners who consistently strive for excellence in all areas, thus producing productive members of an every-changing society.


At Sunlands we are proud to encourage the values of honesty, loyalty and respect for fellow human beings.

The professional, dedicated team of educators strive to promote an environment where personal fulfilment will ensure that the child’s full potential is realised.

We value the unique qualities of each individual and seek to nurture their particular talents and to empower them to confidently overcome their challenges.

We aim to equip learners with appropriate skills to think critically and work diligently both cooperatively and independently.

Learners are in an environment where self-discipline and positive self-image are encouraged.

The integration of academic excellence and a life skill based curriculum promote the development of a well-balanced individual who will make a positive contribution to society.

With these ideals and maximum parent involvement, Sunlands Primary will be an example to others.
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