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In December 1952 the foundation was cast for a prefabricated building consisting of five classrooms on the corner of Newent Street and Maybury Road. The school opened in June 1953 with three classes. Some 20 pupils in Sub A and Sub B and approximately 15 in Standards 1,2 and 3 combined.

The first Principal was Mrs. Irwing assisted by Mrs. Hutchinson. The first School Committee was elected in January 1953 with Mr. George Smith as Chairman. The first permanent Principal was Mr. J.S. Gericke who was appointed in January 1954 and passed away in 1960, soon after the completion of the first permanent building.

In August 1954 the first PTA committee was elected. In 1955 the first Afrikaans Medium classes were started at the school. The School Song- music and Afrikaans words- were written by Mr. Hannes Uys for the opening of the first phase of the permanent building on 24 May 1958 by Mr. D.L. Liebenberg, the Chief Inspector of schools at the time. The second Principal, Mr. A.E. van der Vlies, was appointed in 1961 and left in 1968.

The second phase of the permanent building, consisting of 23 classrooms, a hall and change rooms was opened by Mr. J.C. Heunis in March 1968. The third Principal was Mr. Jan R. Koker who was appointed in 1968. Under his leadership the school gardens were laid out, a school bus was purchased and the swimming pool was officially opened in February 1977 by the Director of Education at the time, Dr. P.S. Meyer. A start was made with the development of the new sport fields. Mr. Koker passed away in 1981.

Mr. C.F. de Witt was appointed as the school's fourth Principal in 1982. The sport fields were completed and inaugurated on 30 April 1982 as the Jan R. Koker sport field. Change rooms were built and officially opened on 19 October 1984.Mr. de Witt left the school at the end of 1984. The first Pre-Primary Class started in March 1984. From July 1985, Mr. A.W. Simpson was appointed as Principal until 1996.

The sixth and current Principal is Mrs. A. van Heerden who was appointed in 1997. Mrs. van Heerden has been at Sunlands since 1976.
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