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WCED Online Admissions Pilot Project
Sunlands Primay is a pilot school and parents are requested to first register online. click on learner enrolment
 Applications will be available for the learners online from 15 February to 15 March.  

 Parents are reminded that admission age for Gr.R is 6 years in the year that the child is in Grade R (born 2014).  
 Compulsory school-going age (Grade 1) is 7 years in the year that the child is in Grade 1 (born 2013)
 Parents should apply to a minimum of three schools (including their nearest school)
 Once application is made online, parents will then have fourteen days to submit the supporting certified documents (Child's unabridged birth certificate of learner, Immunisation Record, Copies of parents ID documents, Proof of residence, ID photo of child, Copy of school report if applicable)
Sunlands is an English-medium institution equipped with human resources to cater primarily for those learners whose mother tongue
or chosen language of tuition is ENGLISH.
  • Every effort will be made to ensure that a balanced boys/girls ratio is maintained in each grade.
  • Where selection becomes necessary because the number of applicants exceeds the number of available places, selection will be based on the following criteria:
  • Preference will be given to siblings (brother or sister NOT cousins presently at Sunlands), except where this is not in the best interests of the child OR the school OR the application is received late;
  • Preference will be given to applicants for whom Sunlands is the nearest primary school (Kenwyn area), provided that application is submitted in time and fully completed and the correct supporting documents received within 14 days of the online application;
  • Applicants living out of the area will be invited for an interview only if the school has place in the grade that the application is made for;
  • The age of the pupil;
  • ALL Gr.2 to Gr.7 will only be notified at the end of November should there be any space available.
In terms of the SA Schools’ Act 1996 (act No 84 of 1996) Sunlands Primary School is a fee paying school and parents/guardians are liable for the payment of school fees.
Both parents’ ID documents (According to the Schools Act, both biological parents are responsible for school fees. If you are not in contact with the other parent (unless deceased – copy of death certificate to be supplied)– please supply us with an affidavit from SAPS stating that you take responsibility of paying the school fees in full.
The present compulsory 2019 school fees per annum are as follows:
Grade R
R1 890.00 X 11 months = R20 790 (NO subsidy or reduction for Siblings)
Grade 1 - 7
One Child         :   R 1 000 x 11 months = R   11 000.00
Two Children    :  R 1 800 x 11 months = R   19 800.00
Three Children :  R 2 550 x 11 months = R   28 050.00
Four Children   :  R 3 300 x 11 months = R    36 300.00
  • The method of payment is by debit order, credit/debit card or EFT. (NO CASH ON SCHOOL PREMISES)
  • The fees are payable over 11 Months from January to November each year.
  • The fees are reviewed annually.
  • Parents purchase stationery for their children.  
  • Text books supplied by the Education Department must be returned.
  • Families may apply for subsidy of fees (except for Grade R) where there is a      genuine need, for which documentary evidence must be provided.
  • Sunlands has an ongoing programme to maintain and further develop its capital      assets.
Not included in the school fees: Music, Aftercare, Outings, Gr.7 Camp
A non-refundable levy of R500 towards the cost of on-going Capital Development Projects is payable on acceptance of a place at the school.
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