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ABC Ratings

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Attitude refers to the position of the body, as suggesting some thought, feeling or action. It refers to the state of mind, behaviour or conduct regarding a certain matter. Attitude is the position appropriate to the expression of some feeling.

Behaviour refers to the manner of one's conduct demeanour or deportment It is the nervous, muscular and emotional response by an individual to internal or external stimuli. It is an action in the presence of others. It is a bodily expression. it often has to do with breeding and denotes the manner and conduct that results from good birth and training. It refers to manners of etiquette and politeness.

Conduct is a more general term usually having ethical reference. It refers to giving guidance showing the way.
It refers to directing and leading the performance. Conduct is the action of leading.

Every child is given an ABC rating during assessment week each term. The rating appears regularly in the Homework Book and on the Assessment Report at the end of a term. A competent rating on a 4321 scale will require a leaner to obtain at least a '3'
Every Grade has a rubric for the ABC rating which is age and grade specific.
Children who achieve a 3 or 4 rating will be able to:
Participate in all events beyond the classroom (outing, camp, hike, excursion etc.),
Represent the school at any function, cultural or sporting,
Move freely in the passages on errands without being accompanied by a teacher or peer.
Children who achieve a '2' rating may apply in writing to the Disciplinary Committee for special permission to attend an event beyond the classroom.
Permission will only be granted to a '2' rating if the class teacher supports the application, or the child is accompanied by an approved, responsible adult who will chaperone the learner and take full responsibility for his / her actions, attitude, behaviour and conduct.

Motivation for the ABC Rating:
Naughty children raise the responsibility and stress level of the teacher, causing educators to limit exciting educational opportunities.
Naughty children reduce opportunities for exciting learning events, as educators are not prepared to put up with their poor behaviour and effect on the group, therefore they avoid taking all children out.
These children often bring dishonour to the school and erode the name and image of the institution.
Compliant and well-behaved children, with a positive attitude, are often painted with the same brush and suffer the negative consequences because the naughty child becomes a master of deception.

Reviewing of ABC Rating:
The rating will be reviewed four times a year at the end of every term.
If a child qualifies to be reclassified because of an incident it may happen immediately and a new classification be issued to the pupil concerned in consultation with the Head of Discipline.
If a chid has a low rating and would like to attend a function, they may apply, in writing, to the Head of Discipline who, in consultation with the Class Teacher, will reassess the child.
Grade Rubrics for ABC Rating
Grade 1 and 2
What must I do?
Way of thinking
Play peacefully with others. Co-operate with your group, friends and teacher. Obey school rules. Do your best inside and outside of the classroom. Choose a positive attitude about being part of the school family. Display self-control in various situations, whether working or playing. Be prepared to show initiative and accept a challenge.
How do I respond
Be peace-loving. Be polite. Walk in line with your hands behind your back. Listen politely in assembly and class. Put up your hand when you want to speak. Avoid shouting out. Display self-control in and out of familiar surroundings. Do not hurt feelings or flesh. Use appropriate polite language in the classroom as well as outdoors. Avoid talking whilst someone else is talking. Apply yourself to all tasks. Be conscious of keeping the classroom and environment clean.
How do I manage myself?
Accept responsibility for your actions. Care for others around you. Be obedient reliable and responsible. When there is no teacher, be quiet and self-controlled. Be wise. Avoid situations which may lead to conflict. Be an advert at all times.
Grade 3 and 4
What must I do?
Way of thinking
Show respect for teachers and pupil leaders. Choose a positive attitude about being part of the school family. Display self-control In various situations. Be prepared to attempt any challenging academic assignment.
How do I respond
Do not use language that is regarded as unacceptable at school. Display actions towards teachers, pupil leaders and peers that elicit a positive response. Apply yourself to academic assignments without being disruptive. Follow given instructions. Question instructions or directives in a polite and appropriate manner.
How do I manage myself?
Avoid situations which lead to conflict. Move away when games become aggressive. Never vandalise any property. Never make use of another person's property without permission, Follow corridor and cloakroom rules diligently, Display good manners as expected by your class teacher. Reflect a high level of self-responsibility when sent on an errand. Present a neat image in terms of clothing and hair.
Grade 5,6 and 7
What must I do?
Way of thinking
Show a positive attitude towards peers, teachers and others in the community. Display non-aggressive behaviour towards others. Portray yourself in a positive light and be self-controlled as a member of the Sunlands family. Be prepared to eagerly take on any given task or challenge. Meet deadlines and follow through with tasks given, even verbally. Be aware of others' feelings and refrain from negativity and bullying. Listen to peers and teachers, Display good manners at all times.
How do I respond
Does not use language that is regarded as unacceptable at school, Avoid physical and emotional bullying. Commit yourself to any task without disrupting others. Follow verbal and written instructions. Clarify directives given in a polite and well-mannered way. Avoid placing yourself in compromising situations. Do not talk in passages and remain in line when walking through the school or on outings. Display trustworthiness and maturity in the absence of a teacher.
How do I manage myself?
Greet all politely. Maintain eye contact when speaking to a teacher, Display good body language, Display respect of personal space and property. Show a high level of responsibility when sent on an errand.
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